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creating more sketches, and than pick the best one.

finishing the sketch

and put it on the shirt,.

damn it awesome.

Accepting Paypal

we’re now accepting paypal as payment method.

our paypal account is

enjoy your shopping

Another Band For Endorse

It is so much fun when starting designing and printing a t-shirt. so excited to see it ready to show to public and ready to wear.

we will a bit busy in this 2 months ..designing and printing new tshirt.

maybe we will add 1 more band to join our team, ….what the band name ?? ….it is still secret..

we really love when we can working together with many other band or community.

so we will always something new to show.

we are proud if we can endorse good band.

wait and see our surprise

stay with us


europe, US

Launching & Screening Video Clip Ardana

Watch this awesome video by Ardana band 

their just release their first album and an official music video.

congrats to ARDANA 

Our New Endorsed Band

begin this 2012 we endorse 2 more band into our lineup, first band is BLOODWAR hardcore band from western mass/Troy USA, and LONG VOCATION punk rock band from Padang West Sumatera Indonesia. their merchandise will launch very soon. so stay with us. follow our twitter to keep up date with our news. or keep visiting this blog or our website at we will keep supporting local band, local community and local brand. RESPECT

Ready To Order

What Kind Of Music?

i like music…maybe you like music to.

but i like heaby metal music the most, hardcore, punk rock are some to tell that the music that i hear the most.

and most of our design are base on metal music, or rock music.some of them are base on ocean life, as we are surfing.

as you know, the last monologue product we made a seahorse design on our t-shirt.

there will be more ocean creature will print on our shirt for our next products.

let’s see

Design, Art, and Idea

as we are always keep creating our products fresh, we will keep making something original and new.

we design an art based on our idea that comes from environment.we’re not following trends, but we’re trying creating original trends.

Raglan HONOTJOROKO Khusus Untuk Cewek

Raglan HONOTJOROKO Khusus Untuk Cewek

just another sketches

just another sketches